Top 5 Best Strains of Purple Marijuana: 2023 Edition

While your regular old green cannabis still tops the chart in terms of popularity, more and more buyers are now looking forward to exploring the uncharted territories of cheap weed for sale. When looking for a strain other than the regular green, the next best option is purple weed for sure.

Weed enthusiasts have started exploring these unique strains, especially due to the fascinating color. Even though much research hasn’t been done in decoding the potency of purple strains, they are undeniably interesting, perhaps more so than their green relatives.

That being said, if you are someone planning to explore purple strains to switch up the taste, here are the best options you could find when you buy weed online.

Purple Kush
Purple Kush:

1-Purple Kush:

Among the popular choices in the market is the purple kush strain that is dubbed as a 100 percent pure Indica variant. It can easily be grown both outdoors as well as indoors, making it an ideal choice for growers

The plant features a frost-like purple appearance. So, keep this distinguishable feature in mind when purchasing cheap weed online. Talking about the content of this plant, the strain packs in a higher THC level marking at 22 percent, which is ideal for veteran users as opposed to beginners. The purple kush gives you a euphoric and relaxing effect that can also help alleviate sleep or regulate the sleep cycle.


  • 22 percent THC Level
  • 7-8 weeks growth period
  • Indica strain
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor growth
  • Moderate difficulty (for growers)

2-Purple Haze:

If you have ever heard Jimmy Hendrix, you must have heard about the purple haze strain. This widely available strain is a hybrid one that combines the features of Purple Thai and Haze strains. It’s a unique cannabis strain with 30 percent Indica and 70 percent Sativa features.

The Sativa percentage in cannabis is known to stimulate a rather relaxing ambiance while boosting the overall energy levels with improved focus. This strain is pretty easy to grow for cultivators and is naturally disease and pest-resistant.

This strain will also be an ideal option if you plan to order Canada weed online and don’t want to worry about the bud being affected by pests or diseases in transit. The Purple Haze packs about 20 percent THC level that helps with mood improvement. It is also perfect for providing relief from fatigue, anxiety, ADHD, or stress.


  • Majorly Sativa strain
  • Growth period: 9-10 weeks
  • Easy to grow
  • Cultivated both indoors & outdoors
  • 20 percent THC level

3-GDP or Grand Daddy Purple:

For people that chase after an authentic cannabis euphoria, nothing could serve better than the Grand Daddy Purple. When you buy weed online Toronto, remember to add this strain to the cart to get access to a relaxing bud.

This strain is known to provide the users with a long-lasting high while turning over major yields for the growers. Being a purely Indica strain, this bud provides you a high 23 percent THC content. However, even with high THC content, it isn’t considered potent for beginners.

The GDP also helps calm your nerves while relaxing the mind in and out. Ideal for beginners, this strain isn’t too overwhelming and can aid in regulating sleep as well. Grand Daddy is also used for medical treatment of conditions such as pain, stress, or anxiety.

A mix of the Purple Urkle and Big Bug, this plant is best grown in lower temperatures to allow its purple color to pop out beautifully. However, it can thrive equally well in higher temperatures.


  • 23 percent THC level
  • Easy to grow
  • Cultivated both outdoors and indoors
  • Growing timeline: 8-10 weeks
  • 100 percent Indica strain

4-Purple Power:

You can check out this Purple Power strain for the ones that feel the high provided by the GDP doesn’t stay long. This purple cannabis strain is a mix of the Dutch Pope and Skunk strain. Designed to work well in cooler climates, this weed variant is found mostly in Europe’s northern regions.

However, this strain is rather suited for outdoor cultivation as opposed to indoor cultivation. The striking purple tint would leave you in awe when you buy weed online and add this strain to your cart. The plant also has 22 percent THC content that helps produce a total body experience leaving you content and happy. Its composition is about 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica.

The plant helps alleviate symptoms related to stress, anxiety, or pain from issues such as arthritis and migraine.


  • 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica
  • Easy to grow
  • Grown predominantly indoors
  • Growth period: 10-12 weeks
  • 22 percent THC level

5-Purple Widow:

Another popular and loved cannabis strain available worldwide is the Purple Widow. Derived from the combination of the popular strains, White Widow & Purple Power, this hybrid strain is 55 percent Indica with 45 percent Sativa content.

The thing that Canada weed online buyers adore about the Purple Widow is that this strain helps you relax and energize at the same time. The THC level in this strain could be anywhere between 19 to 22 percent, depending upon the grower and several other factors.

This weed can help alleviate issues such as inflammation, anxiety, stress, and nausea.


  • 45 percent Sativa, 55 percent Indica
  • 19-22 percent THC
  • Easy to grow
  • Growth period: 8-10 weeks
  • Suited for both outdoor and indoor cultivation


Now that we have listed out the best purple strains available, make sure you add one of them or maybe all to your cart the next time you buy weed online. Whether you are a daily smoker or someone who enjoys a couple euphoric weekend blunts, these strains would surely be your go-to choice every time you venture online to look for cheap weed for sale.

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